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Electro-Level II updates

Electro-Level 2000

This is a adaptation of the EL-II as a retrofit using ride height sensors from 1985-1988 GM cars.

Sensors.jpg (66761 bytes)

This is the schematic for the ride height sensor used in late seventies GM cars.

Pin 1 is used to enable or disable the timeout. Leaving pin 1 unconnected results in a 2 1/4 minute timeout, connecting pin 1 to 12 volts disables timeouts on some models after 1985. These later models are assembled with SS screws. (1985-1988 Toronado )  Finding a wiring harness with all 6 pins in the plug can be a challenge,  I found the 1986 Buick Riviera has all 6 pins.

Check the photo on the left.  The unit on the right is the one with a time-out disable.

This is the control circuit. Bridge rectifiers are used to simplify mounting and wiring. Use screw mount bridges with spade lugs. Diodes D1-D6 are optional spike suppression diodes, they are mounted on the relay sockets.

The left side shows simplified configuration using SPDT relays and relief valve instead of pressure switch.

The pressure switch or relief valve can be used with either wiring configuration.

*** NOTE: Pins 2 and 3 of the ride height sensor may need to be interchanged depending on the mounting orientation

This is the circuit for the remote control panel.

Heavy blue lines represent the basic control panel.

Items connected with light lines are optional monitoring components.

EL2000P.gif (11742 bytes) This is the plumbing diagram for the system. The relief (pop-off) valve may be replaced with a pressure switch. The obvious way to install the hold valve is with the high pressure side facing the pump, with the little arrow pointing to the air bag. That would be wrong. The purpose of the hold valve is to hold the high pressure in the air bag when the pump leaks down. The air bag is the high pressure side and the little arrow should point to the pump.
GMC08.jpg (91518 bytes) This is a photograph of the Electro-level II installation in a 1978 GMC
GMC09.jpg (79202 bytes) Here is the height sensor on the same coach.

Last update August 21, 2006